Friday, April 4, 2008

80,000 Jobs Lost?

Last month, employers cut 80,000 jobs. Not really. They were just sort of relocated. For example, a few of them maybe went here:

The Ching Luh Nike plant has 21,000 employees, and they were "treated" to a $6 a month raise after a two-day strike. Inflation in Vietnam was 19% over the last year, and the $6 a month raise is a 10% increase - but they also get free lunch! Whoopee!

Do the math; their original salaries were $59 a month. Anyone wonder why American manufacturing has moved overseas?

Wow! $59 a month! That's almost like not having to pay them at all! Sort of like slave labor. And we're doing them such a favor. Plus we don't have to suffer from the pollution of all those factories. I guess everybody's real happy with that deal, except mayby the 80,000 who lost their jobs, and maybe a few of those working in the sweat shops in SE Asia and Mexico who have to go on strike to get a less that subsistence wage.

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